Coffee. Communication. Repeat.

The first thing I do before starting my day is to make sure there is a cup of coffee in my hand, otherwise, I might as well go back to sleep. My mornings as an intern at Imagewest start at 8 a.m. They are quiet at first, especially on Mondays. I enjoy the office being quiet, because it gives time for the caffeine to settle in as the other interns slowly file in. I always start by checking my … [Read more...]

Bishop Moves Forward

Graphic Designer for Russell Athletics, and previous Imagewest intern, Timmy Bishop offered prospective interns a little insight during a Q&A session at a recent Imagewest meet and greet event. Q: What was your imagewest application process like, and what would you wish you would’ve known during that process? A: I knew there were things I didn’t know. I knew I needed to learn more, that’s … [Read more...]

Designer Thoughts

As a design student, learning what the professional world is looking for is very important. I sat down with Arden Von Haeger, a professional designer/illustrator, to learn more about the current expectations of design hirees. Von Haeger, a professor at WKU and three other colleges, also works as a freelance designer from his home studio. Von Haeger has been in the industry for  thirty-four … [Read more...]

Work Hard, Play Hard

Having held the titles Web Designer (Fall 2012), Senior Graphic and Interaction Designer (Summer 2013), and Junior Art Director (Fall 2013), Davide Fellini is a seasoned alumni of Imagewest. He’s taken part in a variety of Imagewest projects including the rebranding of Harlaxton Manor in England during the summer of 2013. Since it’s been shortly over a year since his graduation from Western … [Read more...]

Getting Past the Job Search Burnout

I’ve been looking for jobs since I decided a year ago to move to the Dallas/Fort Worth area after graduation. Until recently, I was only looking to see what was out there, but now is the time to get serious about finding a job. Problem is, the job search can be incredibly discouraging. There’s nothing quite like reading the job description and thinking about how much you would love to have a … [Read more...]