Advertising Abroad

Guten tag from the graphic design capital of the world!   I’m Maura, Imagewest’s Junior Art Director, and I’ve spent the past couple weeks touring and learning in Berlin, Germany through the Kentucky Institute for International Studies. Together with a dozen other design students from around the region, I’ve been exploring the country that developed modern graphic design and … [Read more...]

Welcome to the Real World

As students go through their college careers and obtain the knowledge and skills they need to be successful in their field and make progress toward graduation, there is one inevitable step—the search for employment both during the academic year and for post-graduation employment. One of the most important aspects of this process is having a presence. It’s important not only to consider how you … [Read more...]

Insight from a PR Professional: Proactivity and Passion

When we enter high school, and even college, we learn the importance of being proactive. I had recently met with someone who inspires everyone around her to be proactive, especially in the workplace and in their career. She followed her dreams in the public relations field by sticking with her passionate and proactive personality. Marcie Smeck, director of Public Relations at YWCA, shared a lot … [Read more...]

What Is Advertising?

Every time I tell someone my major is in advertising they immediately take me for an unethical, money-obsessed, “advertiser.” “Why’d you wanna do THAT?,” people will ask. I think the reason I so often get that response is because people do not understand what advertising is. When you think advertising, your mind jumps to the "Mad Men" era. Branding? Public Relations? Cause Marketing? Those terms, … [Read more...]

Live Streaming vs. Real Life

In the ad and PR industry, watching trends in society and pop culture is a crucial aspect of our jobs. Whether it is because you are in charge of the social media for a company, or just for personal use, knowing what is popular is important. One of the big trends in social media right now is Twitter’s new live-streaming app, Periscope, and its biggest competitor, Meerkat. Meerkat is not supported … [Read more...]