What Is Advertising?

Every time I tell someone my major is in advertising they immediately take me for an unethical, money-obsessed, “advertiser.” “Why’d you wanna do THAT?,” people will ask. I think the reason I so often get that response is because people do not understand what advertising is. When you think advertising, your mind jumps to the "Mad Men" era. Branding? Public Relations? Cause Marketing? Those terms, … [Read more...]

Live Streaming vs. Real Life

In the ad and PR industry, watching trends in society and pop culture is a crucial aspect of our jobs. Whether it is because you are in charge of the social media for a company, or just for personal use, knowing what is popular is important. One of the big trends in social media right now is Twitter’s new live-streaming app, Periscope, and its biggest competitor, Meerkat. Meerkat is not supported … [Read more...]

A Day with GS&F

At the start of our Imagewest boot camp I had no idea what to expect, especially when it came to our day touring various advertising and public relations agencies in Nashville. I had never been to an agency before, and the only comparison I had in my mind was from the TV show The Crazy Ones. Our first stop reined in my imagination and gave me realistic expectations while our second stop helped me … [Read more...]

Brand New

In 2004, Imagewest was established on WKU’s campus as a banner printing service, and after ten years of service both locally and abroad, Imagewest has changed. Many interns have worked hard to create a new face for the strategic communications agency. The rebranding, which included new colors, logo and mantra, was quite an encompassing project. The agency had to update every internal … [Read more...]

Coffee. Communication. Repeat.

The first thing I do before starting my day is to make sure there is a cup of coffee in my hand, otherwise, I might as well go back to sleep. My mornings as an intern at Imagewest start at 8 a.m. They are quiet at first, especially on Mondays. I enjoy the office being quiet, because it gives time for the caffeine to settle in as the other interns slowly file in. I always start by checking my … [Read more...]