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Experience working in an agency setting, taking your education beyond the classroom and applying your skills, talent, and knowledge to develop communications solutions for real clients.

Develop professional relationships, design for a client, collaborate with a team, lead client meetings, network, and build your project management, communication, and problem-solving skills – all from a convenient location on campus. Internships are available in the fall, spring, and summer semesters. Applications are available year-round, and you are encouraged to apply early.

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In Their Own Words

Imagewest is a place that has allowed me to understand what it means to work as a professional, which has helped me prepare for my future career. – Evan, Web Designer

Imagewest has prepared me for life after graduation, and I’m now part of a great alumni network with connections all over the world. – Jennifer, Web Designer

I applied for Imagewest because I knew it would be the best real-life experience on campus to prepare me for my future career in advertising. – Kasey, Account Executive

The thing I find most unique about this internship is that my supervisors not only focus on producing quality product for clients, but they are here to help me advance and grow as a professional and prepare me for my career after college. I don’t think you will find that level of support in many other internships. – Kassie, Public Relations Coordinator

An internship at Imagewest is an experience I would recommend to everybody.There are lots of good learning opportunities and professional projects, as well as the opportunity to work with friends in a really nice environment. – Monica, Public Relations Coordinator

I applied to Imagewest in order to gain real world experience, to learn as much as I can about how to adapt to the workplace, and to acquire new design techniques. – Allison, Graphic Designer

Handling multiple projects prepares me well for the real world, and Imagewest gives me that push I need. – Peyton, Graphic Designer

You get real experience. When I found that out, I was sold. – Ray, Account Executive

Imagewest is the perfect blend of professional and learning environments. My work and I are constantly improving with support from creative, constructively-critical fellow students and industry professionals. – Maura, Graphic Designer