Meet Drew

Drew HawkinsName: Drew Hawkins

Position held at IW: Account Executive/Videographer

Major: Advertising

Graduation year: 2009



Employer: Engauge

Employer Address: 1230 Peachtree St NE, Promenade II, Suite 2200, Atlanta GA 30309

Employer City/State: Atlanta, GA

Employer Web Site:

Imagewest: What is your title and brief job description?

Drew Hawkins: I’m a Community Manager for Engauge’s Digital Innovation Group. I work with various clients not only monitoring different brand social communities but also provide a strategic direction for their social marketing efforts. 

IW: How did Imagewest help prepare you for a career? What was the most useful thing you learned?

DH: First, it would be seeing all my hardwork and research come to fruition. During my time at Imagewest we were assigned several projects, however, one in particular I was assigned as the project leader. Assigning deadlines, conducting research, editing, creative thinking, and presenting all pays off when the client likes your ideas and suggestions. Second, and on a lighter note, I was successful in beginning the Jimmy John’s sandwich craze in the agency. Memorable accomplishment!

IW: How did Imagewest help prepare you for a career? What was the most useful thing you learned?

DH: The most useful thing I learned was how networking is so crucial for getting a job. You can have the coolest resume in the world but getting someone to look at it is half the battle. Not only making connections but maintaining those connections and offering to help them as much as you can goes a long way.

IW: What was one of your most memorable moments during your time at Imagewest?

DH: Definitely walking around campus filming the Ninja Gnome for Imagewest trailer videos. The looks we got from other people around campus were priceless because he was a brand new mascot nobody had ever seen in person. The viral word-of-mouth (or more like “WTF”) buzz helped get a lot of people at our Open House that year.

IW: What do you wish you could have changed about your college experience or time spent at Imagewest?

DH: The one thing I wish I had done is take my career path seriously at a much earlier point in college than my senior year. Not only job hunting and networking but also being more diligent about learning industry trends as I am now that I’m employed. I know I’ve learned a lot in a couple of years and always imagine how much more valuable I’d be had I taken more of a jump start.

IW: What is a typical or dull day like for you?

DH: Dull day at Engauge? Never. My typical day includes scanning the newest social or emerging tech trends as soon as I walk in the office (I like to get there early just to do this for an hour). Typically sit in some meetings, develop content calendars for different client social channels and sit in on a lot of calls and meet up with a new tech startup since Atlanta has a solid startup scene. In between tasks, I play a couple of rounds of ping-pong or Kinect sports with co-workers and my bosses. On Fridays, we have a beer cart at 3:33.

IW: What gets you excited to come to work everyday?

DH: The people. Everyone we work with is not only insanely smart but also very fun to work with. You can have the coolest job in the world but if the culture isn’t there, you won’t enjoy it nearly as much.

IW: Do you have any job hunting advice for upcoming graduates? When did you begin looking for a job? How did you find your job?

DH: Job hunting advice: it’s never too early to start. Always keep your ear to the ground and network with professionals way ahead of time that way your name is always top-of-mind. You have a world of networking at your fingertips and you can interact with great people easily. My engagement on Twitter and getting known through my blog helped me land my job here in Atlanta even though I was living in Chicago at the time.

I found my first job through (gasp) Imagewest. An alumni working for Hinda Incentives in Chicago knew they needed a new marketing person. She forwarded the job opp to Heather, Heather knew I was wanting to move to Chicago and forwarded it my way. I moved to the city, interviewed and was employed two days later.

If you want to live in a bigger city way out of your local area….you just have to go. Most companies won’t go through the trouble of relocating entry-level talent. Having that local address will get you taken more seriously. Even if it means waiting tables for a bit until you find something, just take the chance while you’re still young enough to screw up and get away with it.

IW: What advice can you provide upcoming designers, advertising professionals or PR practitioners?

DH: The field is evolving at an insane rate. If technology isn’t your thing, you still need to learn. Creatives will need to learn to design for websites, mobile devices and way down the road some Augmented Reality type of projects. You don’t need to have a programmer/developer knowledge base, but it’s good to know just enough to be dangerous.

IW: What specific qualities/skills are employers looking for in new graduates?

DH: They want someone who is going to work hard at whatever tasks your given from day one. Entry level work isn’t always glamorous…you won’t be Don Draper on day one pitching clients. No employer wants to hire someone with a false sense of entitlement. Be confident in what you do and be willing to take on new challenges, even if you aren’t asked directly to do it. I ended up working on a team here at Engauge for a huge client just by offering help on a tiny task in that project.

IW: What is the best piece of advice or words you live by?

DH: Have fun with what you do. Never take a job just for the money. You’ll spend most of your life working, you might as well enjoy it.

IW: Are you a dog lover or cat lover?

DH: Dogs. Hands down.

IW: What is your favorite color?

DH: A toss up between blue and red.

IW: If you could be a superhero, what would you want your superpowers to be?

DH: Being able to run without ever getting tired.

IW: What is your favorite blog, Web site and/or book?

DH: I love The Next Web. It’s like a Mashable for grown-ups. Really good stuff coming from that website.