Recruitment Begins! 10.28.13

IMG_1296Imagewest held an open house this homecoming weekend that kick-started its search for spring ninjas. This past Saturday ex-ninjas, current ninjas, potential ninjas and SJ&B faculty visited Imagewest’s main office to chat, eat and say hello to the ninja gnome mascot. The event ceremoniously marked the beginning of recruiting season. Already the current team has visited related classes to spread the word about Imagewest and what it does as a full-service advertising and public relations agency.

Applications, due the first of November, have already started trickling in as flyers, applications and word-of-mouth promotion have circulated the school. “It’s definitely an exciting time to work at Imagewest,” said Rachael Fusting, a web designer at Imagewest, “We already know some of the clients the spring team will be working with, and whoever makes the cut is in for an exciting semester.”