Work Hard and Play Hard 11.5.12

As we enter into the chilly month of November, things at the agency are quickly getting busier by the day. Projects are in full swing and deadlines are approaching. With Halloween week drawing to a close and Thanksgiving and Christmas right around the corner it can be easy to catch a case of senioritis, or maybe that’s just the aftermath of a candy coma. Either way, everyone hits the “I’m tired and ready for Christmas vacation” point eventually, which is why it is important to stay focused.

We may be busy, but at the agency everyone has the same goals: help each other, do the best work possible, and have fun! It’s easy to get invested in a project and forget to step back every now and then and just relax or, for example, play with finger puppets.

The Imagewest team having fun

Everyone has to blow off some steam somehow (like my solo dance parties, trust me…they’re a riot). Some at the agency like to belt 80’s love songs and others doodle pictures of gangster pigs, different strokes for different folks I guess. Just don’t forget to enjoy the little things that keep your spirits up when work or school gets stressful.

So work hard and stay focused, but try to relax. Drink some hot cocoa, rap, knit, practice your ninja skills; whatever it takes. Keep up your passion for your aspirations and have fun doing what you love.